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Business Law Attorney

I have 26 years of business law experience covering anything from reviewing leases for clients to purchasing businesses worth over $1 million with highly sophisticated purchase and sale asset agreements. Because I handle these matters personally I am able to have an extremely fast turnaround time on transactional work. The types of transactional and other business law areas that I cover include:

  • Business LLC’s
  • Simple incorporation including limited liability corporations, S corporations, societies, etc.

  • Review of partnership agreements, employment agreements and severance contracts

  • Commercial financing including revolving lines of credit, security agreements with UCC filings

  • Small and large business purchases either by asset sale or transfer of membership or stock interests in corporate entities

  • Commercial collections for monies owed

  • Complex operating agreements and shareholder agreements providing for buyout provisions, alienation of membership or stock interest, and transfer of membership or stockholder interest in the event of death of the member or stockholder

My fees are generally one third to one half of what the large law firms in Hartford charge - for the same work. Why pay for a large firm’s overhead when I can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees? Additionally, I have never had a legal malpractice action brought against this firm and for your confidence and protection I have professional liability insurance with $2 million liability limits in place.

If you or someone you know in Connecticut needs the assistance of an experienced Business Law or Business LLC Lawyer, call Attorney John D. Ritson today at (860) 651-3200, or complete the contact form provided on this site to schedule your free consultation.

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