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Case Results

2008: Baby Doe vs. a Connecticut Hospital, medical malpractice during baby delivery, resulting in Cerebral Palsy. Multi-million dollar settlement.

2008: Gary C. vs. The Brunalli Construction Company, workers compensation, First District. Traumatic Brain Injury resulting in death. Survivors benefits, settlement in excess of $550,000.

2010: Joan P. vs. Big Y Supermarkets, fall down in store, settlement $105,000

2010: Thomas M. vs. Alstom Power Systems, workers compensation, First District. Fall down,settlement in excess of $320,000.

2010: Jane Doe vs. K. O’Brien & T. O’Brien, 2 ½ year old bite by neighbor’s dog. Settlement against Allstate in excess of $100,000.

2010: Mellissa A. vs. G. Britt, motor vehicle collision with client sustaining soft tissue connective tissue injuries to left shoulder and neck, and bruising of leg, no surgery. Settlement against State Farm in excess of $50,000.

2010: Donna vs. R. Seals, motor vehicle collision with client sustaining soft tissue and connective tissue injuries to her central and lower back, no surgery. Settlement with The Hartford in excess of $50,000.

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