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Child Abuse and Family Law Attorney

Family law, specifically child abuse cases are nothing to be taken lightly. They are delicate matters that require professional legal representation and a certain finesse to deal with successfully. If you’re involved in a child abuse, neglect, or other family law related case in the New Britain, Hartford or nearby Connecticut area, please call the Law Offices of John D. Ritson today and receive the best legal advice and representation you can get today!

Our firm consists of Attorney Ritson who is both prominent and experienced. Attorney Ritson has 28 years of advanced legal work and representation. He shares his experience as an expert attorney specializing in personal injury, workers compensation, criminal, family and real estate law.

Call today to schedule a free initial legal consultation with Attorney Ritson so that you can receive a legal perspective on your case without spending a dime! Our skillful attorneys are standing by, ready to defend you, and help you receive the justice you deserve if charged or the compensation or settlement you deserve. Alongside your free consultation, we will also waive any legal fees until we win your injury case.

We understand that child abuse and neglect is a sensitive issue that should be left to professionals, so call us today and hire an experienced attorney to represent you in your family law case. We will use our years of experience doing legal negotiations to do everything in our power to settle your case outside of court, and avoid the tedious process of waiting for a trial. However, should it come to the courtroom, we will make sure your case is done with speed and ease.

So if you’re in New Britain, Hartford or the surrounding Connecticut areas and are in need of representation, call us today and receive the exemplary legal representation that you deserve.

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