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Drug Crimes and Criminal Defense Attorney

Being faced with criminal charges, especially those drug related, can be stressful and unnerving. If you’re being charged with serious criminal charges, those being drug related or even minor criminal charges and are in the Hartford, New Britain, Enfield or surrounding Connecticut areas, and are seeking active, experienced legal defense and representation, then look no further than the expert lawyers at The Law Offices of John D. Ritson. Attorney Ritson handles each criminal case personally!

We are a small but experienced general practice law firm consisting of skilled attorneys specializing in criminal, drug related, familial, real estate, workers compensation and personal injury related legal representation. Attorney Ritson has over 28 years of in depth legal work, and will work tirelessly in defending you to the full extent of the law. Give us a call today and schedule a completely free legal consultation with attorney Ritson, so you can have a licensed criminal defense attorney look over your case without spending a dime.
We are highly skilled at settling for the best possible terms of your case outside of court. We will work diligently for you in giving you the best possible legal defense around. Though improbable, if your trial does go to court, we will make the process of your legal trial as quick and painless as possible, using our years of experience and expertise in all matters criminal law, including drug crimes, assault or other minor criminal charges.

So if you’re in the Hartford, Enfield, New Britain or surrounding Connecticut areas, give us a call today and get the best possible criminal defense you can obtain. So give us a call today for the best drug crime and other serious criminal defense in the area!

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