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Criminal Defense & Dui Law
The concept of criminal law, sometimes called penal law, refers to the various bodies of rules in different countries around a common characteristic is that the elimination of unique and often severe punishment violations. Penalties, after the offense and jurisdiction, may include execution, loss of liberty, government supervision (parole or probation), or fines. There are some archetypal crimes such as murder, but acts not prohibited entirely consistent between different criminal codes, and even within individual lines of code can be blurred civil violations may lead to penal consequences. Criminal law is usually used by the government, in contrast to civil law.
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Personal Injury Law
I pride myself in working very hard on your file in preparing it so it is in a position of settlement. This is done with the hopes of settling your case without the necessity of litigation and filing a complaint against the at-fault party.
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Workers' Compensation Law
I have been handling workers’ compensation matters now for over 26 years. This firm has successfully handled death cases under workers’ compensation including appropriate survivor benefits for the spouse, traumatic brain injury claims, amputee matters and a full gambit of orthopedic injuries requiring surgery.
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Family Law
Whether you are contemplating divorce or have specific issues related to child custody, child support, guardianship, parental rights, or a host of other family matters I use my extensive experience to work for you. Between me and Attorney Benjamin Massa, of counsel, we have over 52 years of family law experience. This firm has handled everything from defending paternity to successfully navigating through the most complex divorces to successful conclusion.
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Real Estate Transactions
What this office handles runs the gamut from the typical single family residential purchase, sale or refinance to highly complex commercial real estate purchases and sales. I am an authorized title insurance agent through CATIC which is the Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company. This allows me to fulfill any bank requirements on either commercial or residential purchases regarding mortgage insurance required by the lender.
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Business Law
I have 26 years of business law experience covering anything from reviewing leases for clients to purchasing businesses with over $1 million with highly sophisticated purchase and sale asset agreements. Because I handle these matters personally I am able to have an extremely fast turnaround time on transactional work.
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