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Work Injury and Workers Comp Attorney

Have you been personally injured due to workplace negligence on the part of another party? Are you struggling to receive the settlement or workers compensation you deserve after a work related incident left you unable to perform daily functions for any period of time? If this sounds like you, then we might be able to help. The Law Offices of John D. Ritson represent 28 years of in depth legal experience, and are happy to lend our expertise in properly negotiating you and representing you in a court of law. We proudly are the top work related injury legal firm in the Middletown, Enfield, Hartford, New Britain and surrounding areas within Connecticut.

We swear to fight tooth and nail for your rightful settlement in your workers comp or work related injury settlement, and will stop at nothing to get you what you justly deserve. Don’t let sweet talk dissuade you from getting the settlement you know that you need! Call us today and receive legal representation from some of the best, most experienced attorneys in the area!

We will put to work our years of experience in your case to settle your work related injury legal matter outside of the courtroom. Sometimes, however, it is inevitable that matters sometimes must be settled in court, and if it comes to this, we promise you that our experience in the work related injury legal field will shine, and you will receive your settlement. In fact, we are so confident that you don’t have to pay a dime for legal fees until we win your case!

Call us today to receive your free legal consultation, where you can get a complimentary assessment of your case by a veteran attorney with years of in field experience. And remember, if you’re in Middletown, Enfield or one of the numerous surrounding Connecticut communities, The Law Offices of John D. Ritson are here for you!

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