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Workers' Compensation Law

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Workers’ Compensation Law

Attorney John D. Ritson

I have been handling workers’ compensation matters now for over 34 years. This firm has successfully handled death cases under workers’ compensation including appropriate survivor benefits for the spouse, traumatic brain injury claims, amputee matters and a full gambit of orthopedic injuries requiring surgery.

I work very hard in getting you total temporary disability payments when you are first injured and not receiving a paycheck. This firm never takes a legal fee out of any total temporary disability paychecks while you are unable to work.

I have worked out a specialty niche on complex workers’ compensation matters that involve medical care set asides required by the federal government, coordinating of municipal disability pensions and social security disability benefits with worker compensation claims and reimbursement to Medicare for conditional payments and/or medical set aside agreements.

Let my experience work for you to get your matter settled and have you protected in the future from offsets to your social security disability and/or municipal disability pensions.

If you or someone you know in Connecticut needs the assistance of an experienced Hartford Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, call Attorney John D. Ritson today at (860) 651-3200, or complete the contact form provided below to schedule your free consultation.

Selected Personal Injury/Workers' Compensation - Case Results
Baby Doe v. Connecticut Hospital
Details: Medical malpractice during baby delivery, resulting in Cerebral Palsy.
Result: Multi-million dollar settlement.
Gary C. v. The Brunalli Construction Company
Details: Workers compensation, First District. Traumatic Brain Injury resulting in death. Survivors benefits,
Result: Settlement in excess of $550,000.
Joan P. v. Big Y Supermarkets
Details: Fall down in store
Result: Settlement $105,000
 Thomas M. v. Alstom Power Systems
Details: Workers compensation, First District. Fall down
Result: Settlement in excess of $320,000.
 Jane Doe v. K. O’Brien & T. O’Brien
Details: 2 ½ year old bite by neighbor’s dog.
Result: Settlement against Allstate in excess of $100,000.
Mellissa A. v. G. Britt
Details: Motor vehicle collision with client sustaining soft tissue connective tissue injuries to left shoulder and neck, and bruising of leg, no surgery.
Result: Settlement against State Farm in excess of $50,000.
 Donna v. R. Seals
Details: Motor vehicle collision with client sustaining soft tissue and connective tissue injuries to her central and lower back, no surgery.
Result: Settlement with The Hartford in excess of $50,000
2017:Daniel v. E. Weinstein
Details: Daniel was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in 2014 where his car was totaled. He sustained a head laceration with 16 sutures, underwent surgery consisting of a distal clavicle excision to repair a rotator cuff tear, and underwent an anterior disc fusion at c3-4, and c5-6, all as a result of his injuries sustained.
Result: Settlement with at-fault driver in excess of $920,000.
2017:Brian G. v. Riverside Painting
Details: Brian was painting on a ladder when the ladder footing gave out, causing him to fall to the asphalt driveway below. He sustained a significant concussion with post-concussion syndrome, injury to his right elbow requiring surgery, as well as soft tissue injuries to his left knee, back and neck.
Result: Settlement with Zurich Insurance $290,000 + 4 Years disability payments.

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